Self Reliance Living

Self Reliance LIVING

Self Reliance Expo’s

Perhaps more than ever before, people are seeking ways to become more self reliant and create a more sustainable living area. This is the only Expo where you can gain knowledge about every aspect of self reliant living! While Emergency Preparedness is a large part – there is much more. Being educated, informed, and prepared means you will live a more peaceful and fulfilled life, as well as being able to make the right decisions when the time comes.
Website: Self Reliance Expo’s

Homestead Basics

Past homestead skills combined with modern advancements makes urban Homestead Basics for Self Reliance today including: Basic Homesteading, Food Preparation and Preserving, Gardening, Livestock, Alternative Fuels/Alternative Energy, Home Construction/Alternative Building/Shelters, Survival, Communication and more.
Website: Homestead Basics