Get Out – an Initiative by the National Self Reliance Organization



Project:#getout – Sponsored by the National Self Reliance Organization, Project #getout is a cause we support that gets kids interested in the outdoors. ALL activities are free to youth and include:

National Self Reliance Organaztion Get Out #getout


#getout kids learning to create a fire from primitive tools.


Interested in supporting the cause?

We are always looking for gear to give to kids that attend out events. We give away camping gear, hiking gear, bikes, fishing poles, and snowboard equipment. **Please be local to the Denver metro area at this time! If you have outdoor gear that could help our youth get out you can donate by filling out this form

 Have a business?

If you have a business, you can buy an ad in our upcoming magazine #getout for kids. These ads are placed throughout the magazine and lists of supporters are sent the parents of all kids as well as announced at our events. You can help support these kids events by filling out this form:

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You can reduce your electric bill by converting to LED lights through our sister company, Sunshine Works. A portion of all sales goes to support the GET OUT initiative! **Please be in the Colorado Front Range area for now!! If you are interested in getting a quote to reduce your electric bill by having our team install LED lighting throughout your house,

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